Trulap 8552 Dumbbells - GEN 2 - 52LB Model
Trulap 8552 Dumbbells - GEN 2 - 52LB Model
Trulap 8552 Dumbbells - GEN 2 - 52LB Model

Trulap 8552 Dumbbells - GEN 2 - 52LB Model

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The generation-2 enhancements include:

    • Enhanced rust resistance for superior durability, even in humid and cold conditions.
    • Upgraded handle with more pronounced knurling for improved grip.
    • Internal improvements to minimize rattling.
    • A completely revamped and enhanced docking base.
  • A thorough redesign of the packaging to guarantee secure shipping.

    Behold, the epitome of compactness and extravagance! A single assemblage unveils a mesmerizing array of 52 resplendent dumbbells, poised to grace your presence. Prepare to be enchanted by these unrivaled masterpieces of industrial-strength craftsmanship, meticulously adorned with machine-weighted plates. With each exquisite dumbbell, you shall embark upon a sensory journey that mirrors the regality of a distinguished gymnasium. Allow this extraordinary collection to transcend mere utility, for it bestows upon you the power to partake in the divine essence of 28 remarkable dumbbells, all encapsulated within a single set.


    Our exceptional assortment of weights is poised to accommodate your every requirement, be it the gentle touch of lighter loads for refined fly exercises or the commanding strength of heavier resistance for vigorous squats. Seamlessly transitioning from 8.5 pounds to a remarkable 52 pounds with a simple twist of the wrist, our remarkable collection empowers you to precisely target and engage your legs, back, chest, abs, shoulders, and arms with utmost ease and precision.


    As you decrease the weight, the Trulap dumbbell's frame becomes shorter, offering a comfortable and stable workout experience. The handle is expertly designed with a knurled texture, providing a smooth and secure grip for safe and efficient workouts.

    Weight Gears: 8.5 - 12.0 - 15.5-  19.0 - 21.5 - 25.0 - 28.5-  32.0 - 35.5 - 39.0 - 42.5 - 45.0 - 48.5 - 52.0 

    Dumbbell Dimensions: 28 cm x  19.5cm

    • Handle length: 5″
    • Handle diameter: 1 7/16″

    Materials: Dumbbell/Plate: iron cast foundation with a electroplated stainless finish
    Handle: Aluminum 
    Base: Reinforced Nylon
    Pipe: Stainless Steel

    Sold as a set of 2 x 52lb adjustable dumbbells, with 2 x dumbbell bases and manual.


    PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand this model is currently on back order. It will be restocked and scheduled to ship by mid December.