About Us

We had an observation that traditional dumbbells were causing clutter in gyms and taking up too much space at home. Frank, who had worked with fitness retail stores for many years, noticed that many big-name brands cut corners and took shortcuts, producing products with intentional short life spans and warranties that were designed to simply not cover.

After observing the need for improvements in gym equipment, Frank started his own fitness company, visiting numerous gyms and fitness stores around the world. Despite multiple failures, his passion never wavered, and after numerous attempts, he finally succeeded in finding a better solution to the problem of chaotic dumbbells.

The creation of Trulap was not an easy journey. We have spent countless hours researching and developing prototypes, only to find that previous attempts at creating a superior adjustable dumbbell were either too complicated, fragile, or impractical. He was so focused on creating the perfect dumbbell that he even started having vivid dreams about its concept designs.

Finally, after hundreds of prototypes and designs, the world's most compact adjustable dumbbells were born. Trulap replaces 52 standard dumbbells with just a simple set of 2, saving people space and money, and with a focus on a product that can last a lifetime. We are currently working on additional innovative product line ups, our product is constantly being modified and improved and with each phase you will see great improvements, there is no such thing as the perfect product as the fitness market is currently evolving but we have commit to evolve with it.

Some may ask what is Trulap or what does it stand for. Trulap is our brand and it's meaning is our mission.

The concept of a Trulap (true lap) emphasizes completing the entirety of the specified task without cutting corners or deviating from the designated path. It implies a commitment to finish what we started, ensuring that the full distance, time, or set of activities are completed in order to achieve the intended goal.

Stay Tru To Your Lap!